English to English Transcription Professional João Pedro Faria

Member since May 24, 2013

Native portuguese translator with a passion for languages since early age. I was schooled in Portugal and the english language was always my favorite subject until I discovered translation studies during high school. Since then, I have attended numerous conferences and seminars, got a 4-year bachelors degree in translation and an additional 2-year masters degree in specialized translation. I currently spend 80% of my time online, translating, reading and researching but I rarely work at the same place for too long. Since one of my hobbies is to travel, I usually carry my laptop with me and I'm always looking for nice places where I can sit down and work. As for my experience, I started translating as a freelancer in 2008, in the 3rd year of my B.A. degree in University of Aveiro. While taking my masters degree I was also a full-time project manager and translator for Frameworks, formerly known as Entrelinhas, a portuguese translation agency based in Aveiro. I left the agency in 2012 and I am now a professional freelance translator with a portfolio that, honestly, makes me very proud of myself. I am used to work under pressure and in a corporate environment. Communication is probably my second best skill. My friends describe me as a "people's person" even though I believe that's just a reflection of the fact that I'm usually interested in getting to know new people.





-M.A. Degree in Specialized Translation -B.A. Degree in Translation