English to Spanish Translation Professional Jorge Cubillos

Member since August 06, 2013

I am an American-Colombian citizen. I lived in the States most of my life, I have a business administration degree with emphasis in International business and finance.

I am back to my home country to seek new opportunities, and meet new people in another country, I've been translating since I was little kid. Most of my translations at first were for my mom, because she didn't speak any English, so I had to run all the errands with her, and when she needed to communicate with somebody, I was her personal translator. I also did translations in high school and College for some friends, and to get a little extra cash. My translations consisted in writing papers, Homework, and just day to day conversations. Now that I am back in Colombia, I'm doing the same thing here but now is the opposite Spanish to English. For most of the jobs I had, I always had to translate for people. I worked in different areas and environments such as banking, marketing events, warehouse, manual work, soccer ref, customer service, and I was always translating for different people, and my self. Translating is fun!!! Even tho I speak perfect English and Spanish, I learn new terms and expressions everyday, this helps me to not fall behind in any of my two languages. I am an intermediate Portuguese speaker, and I want to get to the point to feel very confident to translate English to Portuguese or Spanish Portuguese without any hesitation.




College Degree