English to Spanish Translation Professional Judy Cheng


Member since December 28, 2011

Hello everyone! I'm Judy Cheng and I am a Mandarin and Spanish interpreter for VerbalizeIt. My parents are from Taiwan, but I was born and raised in NYC. English is my first language and at home is where I learned Mandarin. I majored in Spanish during my undergraduate years, hoping to become a teacher one day. After my Bachelors, I decided to become an accountant, so I currently have an MBA. A year after my studies, I missed learning new things, so I decided to become a hairdresser. As you can see, I love new challenges!

What I love most is helping people. When you are in a different country, whether it's traveling or living, language barriers will always be an issue. I have experienced firsthand the hardships and difficulties of something that's so simple, like asking for a bathroom in a foreign country can be such a headache!

My parents were immigrants to this country 30 years ago, when ESL wasn't an option, and "press 2 for Spanish" wasn't even thought of yet. I have interpreted my whole life; for families, friends and even strangers. I love the face of relief many people have when you help them communicate!

I am currently the community manager for Mandarin for VerbalizeIt and I love my job! Each phone call that I receive is always unpredicted and let me tell you.....it's not the ordinary things you'd expect!


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