English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Judy Infante

Member since May 02, 2013

Hola! I'm Judy Infante and I am a Spanish interpreter for VerbalizeIt. I was born and raised in Bronx, NY by Dominican parents. Spanish is my first language spoken at home. I was in the Air Force and after I separated I decided to go back to my roots (Dominican Republic). Since I can recall I have served as an interpreter for friends family and even strangers walking down the street. I have experience interpreting in the medical, financial, Insurance (auto and life), legal industries and for some government agencies. I love interpreting because I feel great satisfaction as a human being knowing I was able to help someone in need or at least point them in the right direction. THAT'S MY THRILL!!! I hope to hear from you soon and be able to facilitate things and reduce the stress that is brought on by language barriers.




High School