English to German Live Interpretation Professional Julia Ambriz

Member since August 10, 2013

Interpreter/Translator for German & English

I speak, read and write German and English with native fluency and have worked as a language interpreter & translator in a variety of settings for over 5 years. In my current position as an independent freelance language interpreter I primarily utilize active listening skills to translate the verbal word from one language to another.

I also translate written documents. I have a solid knowledge of various dialects across German & English speaking regions and cultures so I am capable of providing accurate information in all settings. I strive to ensure effective and efficient communication across languages.

I know the meaning and spelling of words, proper grammar, pronunciation and the composition of words that ensures proper interpretation.

Highlights of Qualifications:

Relevant experience of providing language-specific interpretations and translations

Sound knowledge of grammar, syntax and history of native and specific foreign languages

Commendable knowledge of interpretation and translation of verbal and written information

Familiarity with linguistic and cultural differences and caseload management

Ability to speak, understand and write in languages known, fluently

Ability to interact with individuals of all ages and from diverse cultural backgrounds




High School