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I was trained as an engineer in China but kept alive my passion for world literatures, esp. Chinese and English, and started translating/reviewing in college informally as an assistant to a translation editor in a major publishing house . After working a few years as a design engineer upon graduation I tested to became an official interpreter/translator at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and received accolades for assisting world-class performing artists/pedagogues, including Yo-Yo Ma, in masterclasses/performances/diplomatic functions and one of them pulled some strings to set up a foundation in my support for advanced studies in the U.S. My professional profile in the States include a licensed educator for about two decades and professional/freelance consecutive/simultaneous interpretation and translation in education, health insurance industries. While I was pursuing a doctorate in gifted education I also worked as a full time, lead university Helpdesk analyst. At present, I do freelance work for the New York City Dept. of Education through thebigworld and adjunct-teach at CUNY.


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New York State permanent teacher license Native proficiency in Mandarin Chinese Computer training