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Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking time to read of my bio. I am a young professional with two years experience in marketing and communication areas. I am an easy going person. I obtained my M.A in International Business. When I was in school, I had chance to team up with students from over 16 countries, such like German, Indian, Brazil, France, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Iceland, and Mauritius. It was amazing experience. I like travel and learn different cultures.

I speak Mandarin and English. I would like to help you with language barrier.

您好, 感谢您使用Verbalize it. 我是Katherine, 一个很容易沟通和相处的人。在读国际贸易学科期间,我认识了很多来自各国的朋友,包括德国,印度,巴西,法国,意大利,泰国,印尼,冰岛,和毛里求斯。学习期间,我有机会和这些来自不同国家的同学组成团队,共同完成项目。一年期间,我领悟到了很多不一样的文化。这段经历很特别,让我对国际文化有了更为深刻的了解。



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