English to Kannada Translation Professional Kathyayini Gururaj

Member since April 30, 2014

Born and brought up in the City of Bangalore, I have graduated in commerce from Bangalore University. Languages have been my passion as well as my strength all along. My interest in metaphysical aspects has made me work in religious atmospheres and also in educational institutions. Since it’s a natural trait of my personality to seek perfection in expression especially in the media of words, I have chosen to continue my learning and profession in the field of languages. I have handled transcription, translation and proof-check tasks for 5 years informally for different organizations. And for 2 years I have been a full-time translator / project manager in a translation agency. Apart from these, for the last 6 years I am working in Kannada, English, Hindi and Sanskrit languages as a freelance linguist.




College Degree