English to French Translation Professional Kelly Harrison

Member since August 24, 2012

My native language is English, and I have been a resident in France for the last seven years.

The diversity of my personal and professional experiences in an environment of total immersion has enabled me to acquire an exceptional command of the language as well a sound general culture. I am available to translate from French into English and vice-versa, in numerous and varied subject areas. I possess a rich volcabulary as well as great insight concerning the idiosyncrasies and subtilities of both languages.

Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for language and the creative possibilities in the expression of ideas. I am an insatiable bibliomaniac with vast and varied areas of interest.

Having studied nursing at university level I have a broad medical knowledge base constructed from both theory and clinical practice. I am equally capable of translating in many other subject areas, notably literature in the domains of personal development, the social sciences and natural medecine.

With an eye for detail and a taste for quality, linguistic rigour and flexibility are my allies in the creation of flawless and eloquent translations that remain faithful to the style and tone of the author, as well as being appropriately adapted for the target audience.




College Degree