Spanish to English Voiceover Professional Kelly Craig Walling

Member since August 15, 2013

I am originally from Alaska but I have been living in Europe for many years. I have lived in England, Portugal (including the Azores), Denmark and now I've been here in Madrid, Spain for over half a decade. I have also lived in California. My anthropology degree emphasized linguistics. I have been translating for several years, including documents for the US government. I have a lot of voice-over experience as well.

My top specialties: science, international public relations, business, marketing, sports (especially extreme sports), music and multi-media entertainment and education.

My best skills: If you need a precise translation or voice-over from Spanish or Portuguese into perfect English with a magnetic voice then I'm the best. I went to university in England so I am also well-versed in the different forms of English in the United Kingdom and Ireland. I can even do accents, as I have in theater and films, basically my whole life. I prefer Portuguese from Portugal but Brazilian is no problem. In fact it sounds beautiful, especially in music.

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