English to Russian Translation Professional Kirill Shipakin

Member since May 01, 2017

My name is Kirill Shipakin, I'm a professional English to Russian translator from Magnitogorsk, Russia. I specialize in: Hi-Fi, High Tech, Home (Smart Home and IoT), Entertainment, Journalism, Travel and Art.

In 2010 I graduated from Magnitogorsk State University (MaSU) with a major in Russian-English Translation and Linguistics.

Then in 2011 I started working as a translator for several magazines and websites, including popular Russian music magazine «Rockcor».

In 2014 I was employed by biggest Russian online magazine Stereo.ru, which is writing about Hi-Fi and High End equipment, AV consumer electronics and Custom Install. Up to date I have been working for Stereo.ru as a translator and editor.

Besides, I used to live and work in Spain and USA where English is a native language for the majority of population. Here is a short list of what I’ve been doing for the past 6 years:

• 2011-2017 (current): Freelance English to Russian translator

• 2011-2013: English translator and journalist for «Rockcor» magazine and some other online periodicals

• 2014-2017 (current): English translator and editor for Stereo.ru

• 2015-2016: English translator and author for website Dynatone.ru (musical instruments store)

I'm punctual and accurate person. I'm attentive to the details and I can guarantee the best value for your money. An additional point is that I have knowledge of construction, music, technics, travel and photography.




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