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My name is Kyle Eshom and I am a lifelong learner and teacher of both Spanish and English. In total I have over a decade of experience learning and developing my Spanish language skills. I grew up in the American Southwest and was consistently exposed to authentic sources of Mexican and Latin American language and culture. I began studying Spanish at the age of 12 and have molded that interest into a passion; I eventually transformed the passion into a career when I graduated the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelors Degree in Spanish language and Culture for K-12 Education. I have three years of experience teaching Spanish at the secondary level. I also have a strong personal connection to my chosen career because my spouse is Mexican-American and his family is originally from Mexico. I have frequent opportunities to practice and develop my interpretive and interpersonal Spanish skills with my Mother-in-law and other extended family members. I look forward to the opportunity to use my skills to help other people be more accurate and efficient communicators thereby enhancing their ability to be more successful and confident in their professional and personal lives.

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College Degree

Bachelors in Spanish for K-12 Education Bachelors in Theatre for K-12 Education Linguistically Diverse Endorsement for K-12 Education