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What else can I say? I am a simple man, also chic, lovely, young, new, exciting, dynamic, lively, cheery, happy, juicy, spontaneous, sophisticated, witty, intelligent, wise, courteous, generous, valiant, gentlemanly, courageous, noble, gallant, intrepid, fortitudinous, audacious, dauntless, valourous, flirtatious, coquetry, dalliance, philander, valiant, scintillating, slick, stylish, swanky, fashionable, cool, hip, classy, wacky, crazy, insane, exhilarating, ecstasy, maniac, daring, pulchritudinous, beautiful, elegant, ravish, satirical, ironic, corny, contrasting, contradictory, negate, versatile, protean, flexible, ever-changing, patriarchal, pioneering, innovative, comical, humorous, ludicrous, farcical, sapient, erudite, cognizant, diligent, assiduous, sedulous, nice, cute, and good.


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