English to French Translation Professional Lisa Masson

Member since May 24, 2013

Hi there, my name is Lisa and I love languages!

I am very grateful to my parents for encouraging me to speak English and French at home, I am fluent in both thanks to them.

They also encouraged me to travel. So after living in Mexico for a year I fell in love with Spanish and decided to make that my third language.

I am now fluent in Spanish and live in Toronto, where I volunteer in the Spanish community every month.

I graduated as a pastry chef at L'Institut d'Hôtelerie et de Tourisme du Québec. I still enjoy baking but I have worked in many different fields over the years. From working on a vegetable farm, a call center, in wine tastings, as an office administrator, as a legal assistant and in transcription. Now I have my own little cleaning company. It's my entrepreneurial side!

I love reading and traveling. My husband and I spent one month in Costa Rica in 2011 and two months in Panama in 2012. This year we were in the beautiful Bocas del Toro Archipelago in Panama for two months.

Well that is a little about me.

I look forward to using my abilities towards all your translation needs.




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