English to Simplified Chinese Transcription Professional Lou Shen

Member since February 17, 2016

Chinese native speaker living in France for more than 10 years, I provide translation services from Fnglish and French to Chinese (both simplified and Traditional).

I started my translator's career in year 2000, with translating government reports, social sciences papers and books. Since then, my vast experiences in translations have broadened my knowledge and vocabulary in different domains, especially in luxury, technical and tourism & culture domains.

In year 2005, my Chinese translation of the Sociological classic book " Manufacturing consent " ( Michael Burawoy, 1979) was published in Taipei. In year 2009 my translation of an French book "Mes remèdes de Grande-mère" was published in Taiwan. The two publications show my ability of carrying out a big project in a precise way.

Not everyone who speaks at least 2 languages can be called a translator. Translation is about understanding the source text with all its subtleties and nuances, then retranscripting it decently in the target language by respecting the language's rules and habits.

I scored 970 (out of 990) on the TOEIC test and have been living in France for more than 10 years. I am able to understand the source texts, either in English or in French, correctly without losing any subtlety.

My experiences as reporter, editor and columnist prove my Chinese writing skill. I provide my clients translations in a Chinese of impeccable quality.

My writing skill and wide general knowledge about machines, geography, History, social research, cultures, process, and industries, make my translations fluent and fit to each domain.


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