English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Luis Santana

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I was born in Sao Paolo, Brasil. Moved to United States when I was 14 years old. Didn't know the language much, with my mother's help, I was able to learn in one year. I graduated from Highland Park High School, in Topeka, Kansas in 1984. I didn't know whether to go to college or join the military, so I chose the Navy, that was in 1984, stayed and retired in 2004. I visited almost the whole world before I retired from the Navy in 2004. Here are the places that I been to, Rota, Madrid (big fan of Real Madrid), Benidorm , Sevilla, Barcelona Spain, Italy, Naples, Rome (yes The Cathedral), Sigonella, Greece, Turkey, Lisbon Portugal, Germany, Landstuhl , Russia, Kosovo, Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabia plus others can't say, Before that I, enjoyed Japan for 2 years, in Yokosuka, Yokohama, loved Tokyo most populated city in the world, finally got to know basic Japanese no Kanji, Osan , Pusan Korea, Philippines, Bangkok Thailand, Hong Kong, Yes for Bruce Lee lovers,Perth and Sidney Australia most beautiful blue water in the world yes beach with true white sand and Kangaroos'; I was having too much fun than gotten stationed in Panama, that's when I practiced my Spanish, went to Honduras, Guatemala other places cant talk about it plus one day I will post money and memories from every place I visited . Too young to retire, so I continued to work at a naval installation near by. When I found out about Verbalizeit I thought that it was the greatest idea since the invention of bread specially when the World Cup is going to be held in Brasil, Love it! Oh I was on Fantastico Brazilian history channel for been the only Brazilian on a Aircraft carrier USS America CV-66 deployed to Kuwait, cool huh? Accomplish all that before I made 40 years of age, so you can tell I love to travel and meet all sorts of people from all over the World...




High School

EDUCATION: Highland Park High School; Topeka, Kansas; 1984; High School Diploma Triangle Of Technology; Pensacola, Fl; A+ Certification; 2005; No Degree; 3.0 GPA, 4 Point Scale; 686 Other Hours Department of Better Business and regulation; Pensacola, Fl; Food Service Manager Certificate; 2005; Specialist; 4.0 GPA, Other Scale; 700 Other Hours 1/96 to 08/99 Police Academy; Austin, Texas; Certificate of completion; Navy Law Enforcement Specialist: Member of the Navy Internal Security Force; provide leadership for various law enforcement activities, including physical security, arrest procedures, and criminal investigation. 08/94 to 11/96 Appointment as Senior Military Customs Inspector; responsible to counsel military members, civilian employees and their dependents On U.S customs requirements for shipping goods to United States to meet requirement of United States Department of Agriculture at Naval Station, Rota Spain.