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Freelance translator and interpreter for three years, I specialise in:

Music, Festivals and related areas,

Cinema, Film and TV,

Literature and Poetry,

and the Arts in general... It is a terminology that I know, that I grew up in and that I keep nurturing every day.

My name is Luna Jungblut - My Website - and I trained and perfected my English in London for 4 years:

I obtained my BA in Translation Studies from the University of Westminster with Highest Honours and went on to London Metropolitan University to complete an MA in Conference Interpreting, where of course, written translation was ever present.

I live between London, UK and Valencia, Spain.

I translate from English into French and vice-versa, and from Spanish into French.

Fascinated by languages, cultures and travel, translation is for me a way of linking everything I feel deeply connected to. Being an occasional writer myself, I understand the power of words, the characteristics of each language I work with and the many little details that make communication a success.

Indeed, I have already travelled to France, Switzerland, Canada and the UK for interpreting conferences between festival representatives.

During these meetings, delegates speak about the future of this industry, debating on a great range of topics, from sound levels to musical crushes.

In three years of experience, I have managed to hang on to my - maybe uncommon - fields of specialisation. They have always rewarded and honored me as a translator and a person.

I love my job and I will always be devoted to providing the highest quality service. Let me show you...

Mellifluously yours,

Luna Translations & Interpreting





BA degree in Translation Studies (French, English and Spanish) MA degree in Conference Interpreting