English to German Translation Professional Maggie Voell

Member since April 08, 2013

Freelance translator, house/pet sitter.

EN-DE/DE-EN translator and proofreader with over eight years experience and specializing in Travel/Tourism * Hospitality * Health * Literature/Fiction * Animals/Pets * General.

I grew up speaking German and English and graduated with top grades in both language classes. After attending and successfully completing a course in creative writing, I had several opportunities to translate novels and short stories (contemporary, suspense/crime, drama, romance, comedy and paranormal preferred).

In addition to the mentioned fields, I translate website content, blog articles, legal documents, press releases, audio/video courses and software applications. I'm also a qualified translator for a few agencies, working on an as-needed basis.

Whether the source text is a travel destination or a fictional story in EN or DE - my goal is always to deliver a natural, authentic translation and at the same time to keep the meaning and "feel" of the original text.

I love to travel, I enjoy taking a break now and then and step into a fictional reality by reading a good book - and I can't imagine not having pets in my life.




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