English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Maria Asuncion Calero-sheils

Member since May 30, 2013

My name is Maria Sheils; I am very excited to be part of Verbalizeit.

I was born in Switzerland, but I was raised in Cordoba, Spain. I have younger siblings, my brother and two sisters. I went to the University of Cordoba where I earned my Bachelor’s in Chemistry. I worked as Physics and Chemistry teacher as a tenured teacher in Spain. I love playing tennis, soccer, table tennis, badminton and basketball. I met my Cuban-American husband in Spain and we moved to Florida 18 years ago. We live on the East Coast, in Palm Beach County; we have two children Enrique, 10 and Carmen 8 and we love spending time together, playing, travelling and learning new things.





State of Florida Professional Certificate - Chemistry, Physics and Spanish