Russian to Russian Transcription Professional Mariana Zamorska

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My name is Mariana Zamorska, I am a native ukrainian and russian speaker, ukrainian-english, russian-english translator and writer.

I have a deep understanding of ukrainian and russian language, being able to translate and write texts on every topic provided.

Being a native speaker, I have a deep understanding of both ukrainian and russian language, I am able to comprehend and use both casual and professional speech in all areas of society. My additional experience as a journalist gives me an ability to write engaging text materials in english, ukrainian and russian.

Since I understand the psychology of ukrainian and russian-speakers so well, I excel in using metaphors and can easily decipher even slightest changes in the meaning of a phrase.

I have a way with words that allows me to express any concepts in clear, easy-to understand manner and my goal is sharing my abilities with the world, making it a little more interesting and connected place to live in.

Your job offer seems like a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and looks like my dream job in more ways than one. I look forward to putting my skills to good use and honing them as a part of your team.

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