French to French Transcription Professional Marie Legatelois

Member since March 21, 2017

I am a native French speaker who lived in France until I went to Canada for my BSc. in Biology. After a short MSc. Program of nature photography back in France, I completed a MSc. in Coastal and Marine management in Iceland where I live until now.

I speak, read and write fluently in English and quite well in Icelandic.

My studies and interests make me particularly proficient in writing and translating scientific terms and articles. I have also written articles, websites and blogs on education, nutrition and health as a hobby. I played the harp, drawn and sculpted since my childhood and studied photography. I am also really interested in history and participated in historic reenactment. Finally, I have really good knowledge on sewing crafts and costume making.

I am looking for freelance opportunities as a Translator and Writer. I am currently available at any time and on short notice.

I look forward to working with you.





BSc. Biology/Ecology MSc. Coastal and Marine Management Master in Nature Photography