English to Dutch Translation Professional Marieken Van Der Elst

Member since June 13, 2014

We used to think that the main function of a translator was to perfectly translate a text from one language to another, but now we see that it also involves a certain attitude, self-assessment and constant study. Therefore translating is almost certainly one of the most challenging and intellectually demanding ways to make a living, which requires ambition, passion and a desire to improve.

Considering myself a well mannered, articulate & unbiased linguistic graduate, my background includes national and international experiences. Understanding the pressures that businesses are under enables me to be flexible, to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Therefore I aim to develop strong client-contractor relationships, built on trust, mutual value and open communication.

My clients say I am a careful translator and a friendly person to work with. I am grateful for their confidence, and feel privileged to have a rewarding career. My commitment, enthusiasm, and professionalism will be a significant value to your team.

Looking forward to working together,

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