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My name is Marta Casals Jové and as a translator, proofreader and localization specialist, I help businesses reach new markets effectively. I translate all types of documents from English to any of my two mother tongues: Spanish and Catalan. I have worked for a wide array of high-quality clients. I collaborate regularly with some translation agencies and I have worked for many small and big companies too. I have extensive experience working with SDL Trados studio.

My qualifications include:

• EXPERIENCE: As a full time freelance translator, proofreader and localization specialist I have worked in many different fields with different degrees of specialization, some of them are: Apps, Electronics, Legal documentation, Literacy, High-tech, IT, Finance, Tourism, Technical, Trade & E-commerce, Technology, Websites & Software. I specialize in translation, proofreading and localization but I provide content writing, transcription and copywriting services too. My aim is to build long term business relations, but I am always happy to accept new clients. With more than 1500 translation projects and more than 4 million words translated I am very confident I will do a great job.

• I am a TECH- SAVVY freelance translator. As a translator we need to know many things, and these includes surfing the web, playing games, using smartphone apps, explore social media platforms and trying different softwares and CAT tools. I’ve tried many CAT tools but I am currently working just with Trados Studio 2014. Working with Trados is a requirement for some of my clients and translation agencies I work for to ensure consistent high quality translations.

• TRAINING: I hold a BD in history (UB) and a MD in Humanities (UOC). I studied in Spain mastering the orthography, grammar and professional writing skills of my two native languages: Spanish and Catalan. In 2009, after several years living in English speaking countries, I obtained the proficiency level in English (UCC).

I have attended conferences, seminars and workshops to enhance my translation skills. Some of them are:

2011: "Legal Terminology: Commercial Law Terminology": better understanding of legal documents.

2012: "Introduction to Medical Terminology": Brain and nervous system, respiratory system, sensory system: broad knowledge of English medical terminology.

2014: "Web localization: techniques and tips". Understanding how a website works and what are its communication and cultural features (linguistic and non-linguistic content).

2015: "The Language of Contracts: Reading and Understanding Contracts". Clauses and terminology found in legal contracts. Archaic terms (hereinafter, therein). Organization of a contract.

2015: "Scientific, technical and medical translations basics". Practical advice about translating scientific papers, medical terminology and technical manuals.

2015: "Translating for food industry": General overview. General overview of the food industry, focusing on projects, documents and organizations where the services of translators are in a constant demand.

2016: "International trade for translators and interpreters". International trade, as part of the business and financial translation. Incoterms.

• PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH: For a good translation a perfect understanding of the source language is essential. In my proofreading career I have encountered many translations made for professionals with a BA or a PhD in translation full of mistakes. How is it possible? Because they don’t have a full understanding of the source language, the linguistic and cultural elements. I obtained the proficiency in English after many years living in English speaking countries; therefore I know the English slang, proverbs, metaphors…

• PERFECT SPANISH AND CATALAN GRAMMAR AND ORTHOGRAPHY: If the source language is important the target language is even more important. That’s why I only translate to my native languages: Spanish and Catalan (with very few exceptions). Yes two mother tongues! My studies were conducted in Spanish and Catalan ensuring the perfect grammar and orthography in both languages. The Spanish spoken in Spain is the most neutral version of Spanish. I am a METICULOUS PROOFREADER and I never compromise quality for speed.

• PROFESSIONALISM. Customer satisfaction is key to my success, and as a quality-driven professional, I demonstrate consistent achievement of objectives.

If you seek a translator for any type of document, an email is all it takes to get in touch with me. Let’s talk!

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Bachelor's degree in history Proficiency in English