English to German Translation Professional Martin Preisack

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I am a student of history (mainly social and economical) and political sciences, have been active in the socialist youth and been head of the socialist youth in the 9th viennese district. Furthermore i was the main elected representative of the pupils of a catholic public(uk)/private(us) school. My favorite literature is composed of philosophers (mainly Germans - Nietzsche, Hegel, ... - but also Romans and Greeks - Seneca, Epiktet, as well as the - at least at universities - commons like Bourdieu, Foucaut, Butler) as well as fiction, though i prefer (translated) Russian literature (The Idiot might be the best book ever), i do read (original) English fiction, but mainly easy stuff (George RR Martin, Tennenbom, Orwell, Bukowski, Vonnegut ...). And i was in Kosovo with the austrian military for six months, where the communication between the different nations involved in Natos Kosovo Mission is in English of course, so i would have some knowledge of international military English (and that differs a lot from my preferred American version) as well.




College Degree