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Hi, nice to meet you.

My name is Maximillion, but call me Max. I've been bilingual for 18 years. English and Spanish come very naturally to me. I've done some translator work in the past between people as an interpreter. I also have written and translated many documents between the two languages.

Finance and business is my bread and butter. I graduated in Finance in 2012, focusing on fixed income and equity investments. Did some in-field work were I was responsible for $1.3 million in net worth along with some colleagues. Also, was selected to represent my university for the CFA challenge in 2011-2012. I really enjoyed it, and our team made it to the regionals. I am quite savvy and articulate with business lingo. Lately, I've been following the CFA program and am enrolled for the LVL 3 exam coming up next June 2015.

I am quite multicultural, you could say, having lived most of my life in Ecuador growing up, six years in Arizona when I went to study and work, and two years in Korea as I fell in love with my girlfriend, who is Korean. So I am quite familiar with Latin, American, and Asian cultures.

I am in Ecuador now for the time being and looking for some work on the side. As for me, I am a carefree, laid back, easy going person. I enjoy a good chat, and I love life.

Anyway, I'f you'd like for me to assist you in your translating needs, I'd be pleased to help. Just request me and we can work something out.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon.

Max Andrews




College Degree

Bachelors in Finance Bilingual Spanish/English Level 3 CFA candidate