Arabic to English Translation Professional Mhd Arslan Ghalghay

Member since July 26, 2013

MHD Arslan Ghalghay has been an English to Arabic interpreter for the past 4 years. A resident of Jordan MHD Arslan typically translates content for the education and business industries. MHD Arslan has received a College Degree, and has 8 years experience in the translation industry.




College Degree

- Bachelor Degree in Translation -English Language- (By Damascus University, Faculty of Arts) - Diploma in Human Resources Management (By the International Professional Managers Association “IPMA” - England) -Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies (By Omdurman University – Sudan) Certificates & Professional Education: •Management Practical Tools (by IPMA) •Human Resources Management (by IPMA) •Human Resources Recruitment (by IPMA) •Human Resources Development (by IPMA) •Human Resource Practices (by IPMA) •ICDL (The International Computer Driving License) •Self development courses (in English): -Understanding the West (by Dialogue of Civilizations Department) -Basic Concepts I (by Dialogue of Civilizations Department) -Basic Concepts II (by Dialogue of Civilizations Department) •Certified Practitioner of the Art and Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming-NLP