English to German Translation Professional Michael Furchert

Member since May 18, 2013

As a German born public speaker, writer, musician and tour guide, who was raised behind the Berlin Wall, I appreciate the gift of global communication like few others. Once deprived of freedom and liberty under Communist dictatorship, I now have the privilege to serve the needs of a free global community. I am supported by my degrees in art, music, business and tourism and my experience of calling two continents my home. Since 1999 I live in the USA while keeping an apartment in Berlin. I have represented international companies such as Camp America and Joshua Expeditions. I have worked in international youth camps in Germany, Great Britain and the USA. And I served as interviewer for exchange students, camp counselors and au-pairs applying for cultural exchange programs. For the past 6 years I have worked as tour director taking American students on educational tours through Europe teaching my continents history in both German and English.

For many years I have worked a translator at the Berlin Dome, one of Europe's largest protestant Cathedrals simultaneously translating German services, events and conferences for English speaking guests. I have written for and been published in both German and American national magazines. Doing extensive interviews as a writer, I am experienced in transcribing tapes and recordings in both languages. My written translations range from personal, business to academic works, and occasionally philosophical writings. I am currently writing a book in both English and German. I am married to an American history teacher and am looking forward to see our children grow up bi-lingual.

I am excited to be serving your communication needs as you enjoy your freedom to travel the world with a live translator in your pocket. I'd be happy to accompany your journey and be your personal interpreter for all your instant and written translation needs.




College Degree

Native German, born and raised in Berlin US-public speaker since 1999 US-resident since 2007