English to Arabic Live Interpretation Professional Moatasem Al Bitar

Member since October 30, 2013

Moatasem is an Egyptian citizen, born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Moatasem transferred from Cairo University to Cleveland State University (located in Cleveland, Ohio) in 2009. He holds a Bachelors degree of Science, majoring in Biology and minoring in Arabic. Due to his diverse studies and upbringings, Moatasem can speak Arabic fluently in five different dialects.

Moatasem has been very active in his community and his university as he served as the Student Body President for two consecutive years. He has a very diverse professional experience working in the United States and abroad. Moatasem is currently providing translation/interpretation services to three different companies in the US, one of which is a law firm that specializes in immigration. Moatasem worked as an Arabic Teaching Assistant during his studies and is very capable of delivering and translating difficult concepts between the Arabic and English languages. He also worked for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation which enhanced his familiarity with medical terminologies. Moatasem worked as an international recruiter for Cleveland State and traveled abroad to recruit students which boosted his professional experience in academia and higher education. He also worked as a public relations representative for a family contracting company which helped enrich his professional experience in corporations and the business world.

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