English to English Transcription Professional Monika Gonzalez

Member since May 22, 2013

My name is Monika and I'm a mother of 2 beautiful girls and a wife to a wonderful supportive man. I enjoy motherhood very much and watching my kids grow, but I also practice my right to put my brain to work and make good use of it by finding innovative ways to make me smarter.

My background is eclectic in the sense that I have tampered here and there. I earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelors in Sociology from the University of Southern California and had a great journey while a Child and Family Therapist, Professor, Social Worker, and Project Manager.

Today, I enjoy planning events, exercising, reading books on business and entrepreneurship, and especially being a mommy.

It is important to know that I am an independent, self sufficient, understanding, and loyal individual. I exercise my ability to grow and learn everyday and look forward to a bright future.