English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Neil Roca Batista

Member since July 21, 2012

I was born in Havana, Cuba


• Three years of Chemistry Bachelor Degree at University of Havana, Cuba (2002-2005)

• Chinese Language in the Foreign Languages Faculty at University of Havana, Cuba (2005-2007)

• Chinese Language and Culture at Tianjin Normal University, China (2007-2010)

• General Chinese, Speaking, Listening, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Grammar, Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Linguistics, Ancient Literature, Contemporary and Modern Literature, Calligraphy, Calligraphy Culture, Culture of China , Minority Ethnic Culture, Chinese Socio-cultural Panorama, Folklore and Traditions, China’s Philosophy, Redaction and Writing Style, Phonetics, Geography of China, China’s History, Law, Press Reading Comprehension, Film and TV, Taiqi, Beijing Opera , Chinese Theater, Business Chinese, Pedagogy and Methodology.

• ITT-Technical Institute in Criminal and Forensics Science Program (2011-2012)

Professional Experience

• Translator and Interpreter of Chinese-Spanish-English in China. Interpreter and translator in different companies as part of the career training..

• Front Desk work as part of Tourism Agent training.

• Mandarin Chinese teacher in different companies in Cuba. Tourism Minister (MINTUR), Transportation Minister (MITRANS), Agricultural Minister (MINAGRI).

• Spanish Professor to Chinese students in Cuba

• Spanish Principal Teacher at Foreign Language Academy ENTOO. Tianjin, China (2007-2010)

• Spanish Teacher to Chinese students at 飞越(FEI YUE) Foreign Language School. Tianjin, China (2007-2009)

• English Teacher to Chinese students at飞越(FEI YUE)Foreign Language School. Tianjin, China (2007-2009)

• English and Spanish Professor at bilingual Kindergarten in Tianjin, China

• FLEX Company sales agent (Aquarium Devices Sales), China. This company had a lot of negotiations with Latin-American, European and Asian countries, also with the United States and Australia (2007-2008).

• Spanish Teacher at University of Foreign Studies, Tianjin, China (2008-2010).

• China Mobile Company. Sales agent, especially to foreigners’ customers without Chinese language proficiency. Tianjin City, China (2007-2009)

• Walgreens Store, Retail Sales, Customer Service Representative and Photo Specialist (2011-2012)

• All America Courier, Inc. Court Specialist and Processor to Attorneys at law Offices. Work with Berger Singerman Attorney at Law and Shutts & Bowen, LLP. Both offices in Fort Lauderdale.

• NJ Life Insurance Producer Licensee


Working knowledge of written and spoken Spanish and Chinese. Spanish is my native language, and Chinese like a native. Some knowledge of Russian (medium Level).

Proficient in Microsoft Office, Internet and really fast learner.

Good interpersonal skills and customer service experience.

Court Specialist and Processor.

Financial Advisor on Training.

Experienced Chinese and Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpreter.


Simplified Chinese


College Degree