English to Italian Translation Professional Nicole Tirabassi

Member since July 31, 2013

Fluency in English, Spanish, Italian. I am an English/Italian bilingual with a previous work experience in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. I can rely on a good level of Spanish as well, thanks to a six-month-stay in Madrid in 2007 during which I attended Spanish, International Business and International Law classes at a local University, Universidad Autònoma de Madrid , thanks to the ERASMUS exchange program.

• International flair and customer care experience gained by living and working in Spain, UK and the United Arab Emirates. Currently based in Venice.

• Good interpersonal skills gained thanks to a 5 year working experience in customer care and sales including jobs as Account Sales Manager.

• BA Hons in Political Sciences and International Relations (2008).

Above all, I would love to give my contribution to breaking language barriers and bringing together different cultures