English to Arabic Translation Professional Noha Mostafa

Member since May 07, 2013

Noha Mostafa has been an English to Arabic translator for the past 5 years. A resident of the United States Noha typically translates content for the websites and travel/hospitality industries, as well as 22 others. Noha has received a Masters, and has 15 years experience in the translation industry.





• The Egyptian Translators Association (Egyta) http://www.egyta.com/listedTranslators.htm • The UNESCO, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all embassies in Egypt. • The Arab Translators Network - Arab Professional Translators Society (ATN-APTS) – Certified Member # 10538 www.arabtranslators.org/certified_members_501_600.asp • Certified Pro Network Member at Proz.com www.proz.com/translator/776773 • Translators Without Borders http://translatorswithoutborders.com