English to Simplified Chinese Translation Professional Paul Jordan

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I have studied, lived and worked in China for over six years. After graduating college in 2004 I moved to China to study China in 2005 to learn Mandarin. Once there, I spent the first three years studying Mandarin at Hainan University and recieved a certificate of graduation after completed the most advanced course they offered.

After my stint as a language student I continued to live and work in China as an English teaching while I honed my language skills for another 3 years.

I have first hand experience encountering the language barrier and would love to help you to overcome this barrier as well.


Simplified Chinese


College Degree

After graduating from college in 2004 I went to Hainan University. After three years of study I completed their most advanced class in Mandarin and received a Certificate of Graduation. Following that I spent three years teaching English in China and have certification to do so. I also have a BS in General Ministry.