English to Simplified Chinese Translation Professional Paul Yuan

Member since August 06, 2013

I am a native Chinese, speaking Mandarin and writing Chinese, simplified and traditional, holding a Master’s Degree in Engineering from a U.S. university. I have worked on bilingual communication over 10 years.

Currently I am a independent consultant working as subject matter expert on

Interpreter for Chinese Government Delegates in business visits in the fields of business, science, technology, education, etc. including presentation, Q&A and informal discussions, for Futton, NLSC, ACIEC, Russ Tech and Sino-Canada Technology Exchange Center

Over the phone interpreting for CanTalk and VerbalizeIt.

Software testing: Chinese linguistic and functional test of Website for Cisco, and Jawbone and UP for e2f.

Translation/Proofreader: Business, science, technical documentations for Futton, American Journal Experts, and Russ Tech Language Services, Translia, WikiHow, etc.

Rater as subject matter expert for national credentialing program for interpreters.

Tutoring: Chinese Language, Mandarin Speaking.

Subject matter expert: verifying product brand name for EasyBrandCheck.

Project Manager for Futton: initiate new projects and coordinate existing projects, conduct research for the resources of advanced technology and experts for Chinese business, from, but not limited to, US, UK, France, Singapore, and Taiwan, etc.

I also work on Mandarin audio quality test, Mandarin transcribe, etc and interpret .

I have worked as a bilingual liaison officer for a US company previously doing business in China for several years. My major work was bilingual communication, both in interpreting and translation. As an interpreter, I worked in formal business events that included official meetings with a Chinese Ministers, business meetings with Chinese central government officers, and work with officers of provinces, cities and counties, as well as Chinese company leaders. The other professionals that I worked with in terms of translation included professors, lawyers, bankers, in formal as well as in casual work situations. In writing, I translated official and formal business documentations, including business reports submitted to government, Chinese Government Policies and Regulations, financial reports, audit reports, technical documentations, professional research papers, books, work plans and budgets, annual reports. I was also responsible for formulating and developing emails, both from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English.


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