Portuguese to Portuguese Transcription Professional Paulo Bastos

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Fernando Bastos Gomes is 53 years old, born in Porto, Portugal. He has Bachelor degrees in English and French languages. He has also studied International Relations at University level (Universidade do Minho, Portugal). He has worked at a Bank. He breeds purebred dogs as a hobby. He is very interested in music and plays guitar. He has translated a significant number of magazine articles on canine matters and veterinary issues from French and English into his native Portuguese (EU). He also collaborated in the English version of the Portuguese books: "O Cão da Serra da Estrela" - The Estrela Mountain Dog - by Jerónimo Augusto (Author's Edition, 2012) and "Cães Portugueses" - Portuguese Dog Breeds - by Carla Molinari and Maria Amélia Taborda (Portuguese Kennel Club's Edition, 2014). He has also translated some articles on music as well as some small theory books and guitar methods. Now that he is retired and has plenty of time he decided to try his luck as a freelance translator as a way of keeping his mind busy doing something that he likes to do.




College Degree

British Council of Porto (Proficiency Level)