English to French Translation Professional Rachel Allswang

Member since May 14, 2013

Rachel Allswang has been living in New York for 9 years now. She was raised in Paris and San Francisco, and with this multi-cultural upbringing, Rachel has gained an instinctive knowledge of people and their communication needs. As a child, Rachel spent days helping in her mother's restaurants in Paris. This inherent familiarity with food and restaurants, along with her education and long experience in interior architecture and furniture design, has given her the knowledge and opportunity to merge all these skill sets into one profession: Event Planning, which has always been one of her favorite hobbies, throwing a party!

Rachel is constantly on the lookout for beauty within its own space. Her passion for new trends and happenings, in addition to her creativity and attention to detail, allows her to bring a new flavor to the environments she works with. Dedicated and loyal to her clientele and friends, she carries a genuine 'joie de vivre' around her!