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My name is Rimma Kehr. I am originally from Kiev, the Ukraine, 22 years located in Germany.

I am multi-lingual, i.e. my mother tongues are Russian, German and Ukrainian.

I learned in English school from the age of 7 where all school subjects were taught in English and Russian / Ukrainian extra.

I have 17 years experience in the Ukraine as a software developer and as a teacher of personal computer users.

I have been working in Germany for 9 years as a technical writer, technical translator and desktop publisher in the marketing service and publishing department at NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH.

I worked with application programs MS Office, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw, FreeHand, Visio Designer, Adobe Acrobat during my job for NEC, where I was responsible for the creation and development of technical documentation, such as User Manuals, Data Sheets, Application Notes, Customer Notifications, technical translations, drawings, layout, standard, templates, updating the documents and drawings database, as well as being in charge of corporate design.

Since 07/06/2007 I am running a creative independent translation company Rimma Kehr Intersymbol.

I offer multifunctional, creative computer services: technical translations German-English-Russian-Ukrainian in all combinations, certified documents translations German-English-Russian-Ukrainian in all combinations, interpretations German-English-Russian-Ukrainian in all combinations, IT project management, application software development, creation and production of technical documentations, language courses German-English-Russian-Ukrainian in all combinations, computer courses, graphics, web design, and customer care.

Actually I created the international translations network, my team works in following languages: Arabic, Hebrew, French, Dutsch, Flemish, Afrikaans, Hindi, Marati, Punjabi, Bengali, Yoruba, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Polish, Yiddish, Belorussian, Lithuanian, Latvian, etc.

Dear friends and customers, welcome to my company and let me and my international team translate for you!


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