English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Roberto Flores

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Born in Mexico City in 1974. Lived in Cancun Mexico and Merida Yucatan Mexico for 13 Years. Graduate from College with a degree on Business Tourism Management. Worked most of my life in sales, Love traveling, Love the beach and my bucket list has 253 things . On my ipod I have aprox. 10,000 things. Audio books about self improvement , music, podcasts,Technology etc. and lots of audio books about learning foreign languages. in 5 years My goal is to master Farsi, Mandarin, Portuguese , Arabic Italian, and hopefully Russian. My Ipod has all of those courses in it!!! I used to worked on a cruise line. I traveled all over the world. I can cook the best Mexican food ever!!!! My Pico de gallo ( Mexican Salsa) is a kick ass!!! and My chicken Fajitas are just to die for. And the Chorizo con queso!!MMMMM the best.

When I am bored I read Chemistry , I don't know how it started. I just picked up the book and read it.

I am very active and do all sort of things to keep a balance life. Do tons of exercise Biking , Camping , nonprofit activities around my community and recently became a member of the Ohio Military Reserve!! .

I found out recently that I can Paint Walls real well and trim. I did an awesome job!! I would like to play a round of Golf with president Obama and talked about Technology , food , and joke about Foreign policy and make fun of the Russians for a bit!! SHHHH!! please don't tell anybody.

I would like to watch a cricket tournament live. India vs Pakistan. Soccer is my passion !!

I am just a very happy guy!!! :)




College Degree

I used to work as a Spanish Interpreter For Akron Public Schools. Work for an Employment Agency as a Bilingual Rep. Experience as a Bilingual Insurance Sales.