English to Portuguese Translation Professional Rogerio Pereira


Member since December 19, 2012

Brazilian, 26 years old, single, no children.

Currently, I am working as a translator (freelancer) and also as an English teacher and a Search Quality Evaluator for a company online. I have a degree in "Letras" (there´s not an equivalent in English for it, but in general the course is about languages, literature, and other forms of art) and another degree in "Translation & Interpretation". I love languages, get to know new people, new cultures, new horizons, new experiences. This year, I´m going to Switzerland and other countries in Europe that I haven´t decided yet. Also, I love my work(s) and read good books and laugh a lot with comedy movies and sitcoms. I am here for work and professional contacts, I hope I can get what I am looking for here. It seems a very interesting site.




College Degree