English to English Transcription Professional Santiago De Miguel

Member since October 14, 2015

Some of my work as a freelance translator in the audiovisual field includes Spanish-into-English translation and subtitling of TV shows and movies. I’m also responsible for translating and subtitling magic tricks tutorials delivered by world-renowned magicians. In addition, I’ve translated TV scripts and DVDs on Coaching, Business Management and Marketing.

Stepping away from the audiovisual field, I have experience in other areas as well: I've translated CVs, papers on Education, articles on Human Rights and material about Environmental Pollution, Biomass Energy and Wind Power.

Lastly, I'm extensively trained in video game localization, information technology, software localization and literature, which are all fields of great interest to me.




College Degree

Literary, Technical and Scientific Translator (IES en Lenguas Vivas "Juan Ramón Fernández")