English to Korean Live Interpretation Professional Scarlett Kim

Member since September 18, 2013

I study Theatre, Visual Arts and Creative Writing at the University of Chicago. I am also a freelance theatre director, performer, writer, and translator. My native tongue is Korean but I've been an academic and an artist practicing in English for almost my entire life so I am as proficient in English.

I co-founded a theatre collective called "The Interpreters." We produce original work in Korean and English and perform them on the streets and at fringe festivals. One of our missions is to interpret and recontextualize Korean heritage and share it with the global community. You see, I am passionate about serving as a cultural interpreter, as well as a literal linguistic translator!

As an artist and a student of art, my interests are far-ranging, and I have had experience with a whole slew of different modes of communication. Specifically as a freelance translator in the past five years, I've worked on a expansive variety of writings; anything from dense academic essays, to lyrical poems, to business speak, to technical scientific writing.

I understand translating to be a kind of an art and am looking forward to working with you with whatever you need help with!




College Degree

University of Chicago