English to Russian Translation Professional Sergei Korniyenko

  Average Rating: Lviv, Ukraine

Member since November 13, 2014

Sergei has 15 years of experience in the translation trade, including 6 continuous years in the app and website localization. In addition to working professionally as a localizer, translator and interpreter, he also filled in the shoes of an Office Manager, Chief Interpreter, blog writer and teacher in his long professional career. In acknowledgement of his expertise, he was invited to speak on app localization at the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference in 2013 and to the TriKonf Translation Conference in 2015.

Ideas impact people. Sergei's philosophy of translation is communicating ideas so that they have the impact on the Russian-/Ukrainian-speaking audience intended by their English author. Hire Sergei to use his experience and expertise to communicate your ideas in the best possible way!




College Degree

- Translator/Interpreter (English, German) - Minor in Business Administration - Ceritifed Guide