Portuguese to Portuguese Transcription Professional Sofia Cruz

Member since August 05, 2015

I have my own business, providing services for pets as petsitting and dogwalking, and i'm also taking a course of dog training and behavior modification with positive reinforcement.

I'm also a volunteer in a Shelter of rescue dogs.

I love reading, and learning a litlle about everything.

I often use social networks in a personal and professional level, as a communication and advertising tool for my business.

I love new technologies and adapt myself easily to them.

Being passionate about communication, I really want to collaborate in the Verbalizeit community and hopefully be able to learn more about this skill.




High School

- Communication Business Marketing and Advertising - Course by BioSalus (February 2006) - Professional Course of Physical Therapy Assistant and Massage Therapy (April 2010) - On-line Course "Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The 1st Step in Entrepreneurship" by Coursera (July 2013) - On.Line Course "Animal Behavior and Welfare" by Coursera (September 2014) - Entrepreneurship Course by IEFP (August 2014)