English to Spanish Translation Professional Stella Gimenez

Member since May 05, 2013

I was born in Argentina where I received my degree in Philosophy and attended for several years studies on the field of different schools of Psychology and transpersonal Psychology.

I am a writer, copywriter, multi- lingual translator, and the author of a book written in Spanish called "Re cree su vida". I created and conducted, for over 15 years, a seminar on "The Creative Process".

I am a very well traveled professional, something I did and still do for several years and along many countries. My big interested for people and cultures has developed many anthropologic researches. I know very well the muti-cultural differences among all the countries in Latin America and the use of their "particular" Spanish. I also know very well the Spanish in Spain.

I translate from English into Spanish, French into Spanish, Italian into Spanish and Portuguese into Spanish.

I am a perfectionist and committed to excellence in the work and translations I provide.