English to Spanish Translation Professional Stephanie Bete

Member since August 06, 2013

My name is Stephanie Bete. I live in New York City and I am a language lover! I enjoy all things language; learning, teaching, translating, and interpreting. I enjoy using my language skills whenever possible which is why I chose a career in interpretation and translation. I recently completed a certificate with New York University for Spanish/English medical interpretation.

In the past I worked as a bilingual ELL teacher’s assistant at a high school. Part of my responsibilities included translation of materials and interpretation for Spanish-speaking students and their parents. I found the interpreting sessions absolutely thrilling and rewarding. This is when I decided to move my professional career towards interpreting.

In addition to my education and experiences teaching ELL, my experiences living abroad and in New York City have prepared and nurtured me in my journey to becoming a medical interpreter. I lived in the Dominican Republic for about 12 months during which time I perfected and diversified my language skills. Now, living in New York, I continue to absorb knowledge of Caribbean Spanish and cultures. Even the most experienced language-learner is never done with his/her education, so I am always trying to absorb new vernacular and the cultural intricacies of different Latin countries.

As an interpreter and translator, I strive to professionally utilize my language skills, knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures, and medical knowledge to lend a voice to people with limited English proficiency. Language is my passion and I feel best whenever I am able to put my language skills to use.




College Degree

NYU SCPS 120-hour Certificate in Spanish/English Medical Interpreting 2012-13 Online Professional Development Course, “Getting Started as a Freelance Translator,” taught by ATA-certified translator and author Corinne McKay 2011 120-hour Online Bridge-Linguatec TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Diploma and English Grammar Course 2010