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Hello, my name is Luke. I love Chinese. I have studied Mandarin Chinese for more than four years, two of those years were spent living in mainland China. My fascination with Chinese stretches all the way back to my childhood, and this fascination was realized when I began studying Chinese during my sophomore year of university. I studied Chinese devoutly throughout the rest of my college career. I participated in two intensive, summer-long study abroad trips to China, and spent a full year studying at Qingdao university on the Confucius Institute scholarship.

During my time at Qingdao University, in addition to the standard Chinese for foreigners classes, I enrolled in several classes with the Chinese students. Those classes were incredibly challenging, but as I struggled my Chinese skills improved exponentially, at the end of that year, I was participating in the classes on the same level as the native students.

My ability to grasp the deep, cultural, sometimes hidden meanings of Mandarin Chinese texts and translate to my native English have continued to grow since that time.


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