English to Korean Transcription Professional Sumin Yu

Member since August 10, 2017

SUMMARY: Diligent translator with good understanding in Korean and English languages; experienced and making a persistent effort for marketing and culinary knowledge; enjoying games and interested in their localization service.

• Create sentences that are easily understood by the general public

• Given lectures in several translation classes by renowned translators


Freelance translator | July 2017~

• Carrying out translation on wine marketing area, working with Wine Review

• Carrying out translation on a Hotel Chain, working with an Agency in Spain

Marketing Assistant, in-house translator on a short-term contract | Wine Review |

April 2017 – June 2017

• Corresponded with the persons in charge of trading part in embassies of several countries, usually with whom of Greek embassy

• Carried out translation of contents in brochures for wine marketing events, website of wineries, wine advertising texts in a monthly magazine , and proposal and estimate documents of wine marketing events

Private English Instructor | Dec 2012 – Sep 2016

• Taught English grammar, expressions, and reading skills to middle school and high school students

• Interpreted English texts in various fields to Korean students for their understanding

• Explained solutions on school test questions

Intern | UKARTSUHAK (Busan Branch) | Apr 2009 – Jun 2010

• Corresponded with the persons in charge of language schools in English speaking countries

• Offered customer service and basic consulting on language training abroad

• Assisted generating students’ documents

• Ensured that students’ documents are filled and filed properly


Sangsangmadang Academy | Seoul, South Korea | Jan 2017

• The class of basic interpretation theory in translation given by the translator Yeong Sam Yun

Culture Company SOME | Seoul, South Korea | Sep 2016 – Dec 2016

• Basic and Advanced translation Classes given by the translator Yeong Hak Cho

• Purely practical training classes with texts of many different fields

Escuela Delengua | Granada, Spain | Oct 2011 – Mar 2012

• Spanish Intensive Course, Basic Business and Literature Courses

Busan University of Foreign Languages | Busan, South Korea | 2004 – 2008

• BA degree in Spanish literature and English literature

Average rate:

• 0.05 USD for English to Korean

• 0.07 USD for Korean to English

• 0.05 EUR for Spanish to Korean

• Fuzzy - 60%, Repetitions - 25% of the original rate for using Trados

Thank you.




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