English to German Translation Professional Tae Benedikte Sato

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my name is Bente, I'm 31 years old, was born in Denmark to an Austrian mother and a Japanese father, grew up in Germany and maybe because of this international background have always been drawn to languages. Throughout my youth I tried to master East Asian languages, spent one year in Japan, South Korea and China each and as a result speak Korean fluently, Japanese pretty solidly and also daily conversational Chinese.

But I don't only speak those languages, I can actually write all characters I can speak, too :>

I have work experience in international trade but especially South Korean overseas trade and investment. I also have experience translating English technical manuals into German, documents from Korean to English and German, as well as interpreting and promoting in several languages during events and exhibitions and many other fun language things. :)

I am recently travelling South Korea (again), this time I finished a trip around and accross Korea by bike and am planning to do the same in Japan soon. That is why I chose to work from my computer, translating for you!




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