English to Japanese Translation Professional Takayuki Gomyo

  Average Rating: Koshigaya-shi, Japan

Member since February 22, 2016

Education: MBA, Foster School of Business at University of Washington, Seattle WA 1984 -1986

BA Economics Sophia University, Tokyo Japan 1977-1981

Qualification: US Certified Public Accountant: (November 1996)

Certified Internal Auditor (November 2007)

TOEIC 960 (March 2013)

3rd Grade Translator Politics, Economy and World certified by the Japan Translation Federation

Career History:

I started translation as a job at the end of 2012. Before that, I used English and Japanese for my written and verbal business communications for many years. That forms basis for my translation work. During 2013, I translated financial report, newsletters for investors, tax explanation material, annual closing package explanation etc. In 2014 and onward, I translated training narration materials, internal sales training manuals of car manufacturer, and company rules and regulations, investment reports, and annual reports. I translated some marketing material as well.

I have a long work history as a business person, mainly in finance and accounting areas. From industry to non-profit, I have a variety of finance, accounting work experience, as a US CPA.

As an MBA holder, I have a broad knowledge of marketing. Also, I have work experience in very recent marketing world. As the Senior Advisor Individual donors and resource development strategy of Save the Children Japan, I was involved in many aspects of Marketing in a day to day situation, including web marketing, SEO, how best guide visitors to the organization’s website, and direct mailing (mainly cold mailing). So, I have clear ideas of each marketing terminology, including web based one. Also, I learned a lot from the experience, how to appeal to individual customers (donors at that time).