English to Italian Live Interpretation Professional Teresa Aracri

Member since March 08, 2014

I'm 38 years old multilingual business expert with 20 years of work experience.

My background includes leading export and engineering teams, sales and financial strategies to drive business and customer service success. From achieving top sales performances and implementing innovative marketing efforts to leading staff development and establishing revenue-enhancing processes, I excel at propelling sales and revenue growth, managing top-producing teams, and achieving corporate goals and objectives.


Natural predisposition to human contact and problem solving, exceptional communication and presentation skills, strong organizational skills, highly goal-oriented, strong critical and analytical thinking, proactive mindset, positive attitude to high work load, ability to effectively prioritize tasks and manage time, continuous improvement of professional skills, keen interest in new technology, reliability.




College Degree

Bachelor Degree in Business Management Bachelor Degree in Marketing and business administration Certification in Training and Development